Saturday 11-5pm & Sunday 12-5pm, September 23-24, 2023
Brent & Beckys’s Bulbs.
Parking at Ware Academy. Bring I.D., No Coolers.



You’ve got questions. Good questions, and we’ve got answers. Good answers. However, if we missed any additional good questions that you still have – just contact us and we will be happy to answer them. Heck, if there really good, we might even add them to the list!

Q. Is the event really 2 days

A. Yep! We’re excited to now have a 2 day event, but don’t worry. Tickets for 1 or 2 day are available. We also have overnight security for our vendors!

Q. Will there be someone who can help to unload my car and set up my tent.

A. We wish we could help, but we don’t have enough volunteers to offer that service.

Q. I organize my booth in such a way that I need to setup the booth as I unload the car. Is that okay?

A. Our festival is in a beautiful, but small setting. It gets very congested with cars. You must unload your boxes & tent, move your car and THEN come back to setup.

Q. I read that I only get one vendor parking pass! Please send me another one, I must have a second car.

A. We cannot. Your second car can park in general parking which is just a little farther away than our limited vendor parking. One of our volunteers will direct you to both parking lots.

Q. Why do I have to wait until 5:30 PM to bring my car to my space? The festival closes at 5:00 PM!

A. This is a safety issue, we need to ensure that attendees have vacated the festival area.

Q. I would like to trade in the non-tasting tickets you are giving me, for tasting tickets.

A. Only two tasting festival tickets are provided but additional tasting tickets may be purchased in advance at: or at the gate the day of the festival. We do not offer a special trade-in price.

Q. Can I request a particular space in advance? I was a vendor last your am I guaranteed to have the same space.

A. No, we would like to offer this but we must position vendors to create the best experience for attendees.